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Building A Safer Mountain Community, Together

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Meet Avanet.

Crowdsourced Solutions for One Global Mountain Community

Route Planning and Mobile Tracking

  • Plan and track your route safely with the context of mountain safety information around you.
  • Save time and energy with automatic route planning tools that help you create your routes on the web, better estimate key metrics such as time, elevation gain/loss, and distances, and follow your route in the mountains.
  • Share planned routes and tracks with friends and colleagues to improve group communication and learning.
  • View real-time performance analytics so you can reflect and evaluate how you did versus your plan every time you go out.

Crowdsourced Mountain Safety Information

  • Learn from crowdsourced geo-tagged observations of fellow mountain travelers and better inform your decision making.
  • Receive real-time local notifications of red flags and avoid dangerous situations before they happen.
  • See past photos, video, and audio information that gives you more knowledge before you head into new terrain.
  • Use education features and advance your mountain safety knowledge.

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Terrain Visualization

  • Create user-defined no-go terrain visualizations to inform specific areas you want to avoid in the mountains.
  • Improve your understanding of terrain and how it affects your decision making in the field.


For the Pros


Introducing the SP2

The SP2 is the next generation of our SP Smartprobe technology. The SP2 has faster GPS and Bluetooth transfer, enhanced data visualization, improved user interface, easier data collection, a backlit screen for working in the dark, ability to tag slope and aspect and support for multiple languages. Check out a video of Matchstick Productions film crew using the SP Smartprobe last year here.


Save time and measure snowpack instantly

Gather more data to inform your decisions

Learn from observations shared by fellow professionals

Improve documentation and safety protocol

Use the latest technology for the safety of your clientele

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compare-graphReal Results

We've spent the last two years validating our technology with leading industry professionals. The SP2 takes over 5,000 measurements per second, provides accurate and repeatable results, and takes only seconds to output data that would take 15-20 minutes manually.

Read user testimonials

  • This product is something I know we are going to look back on in 20 years, 40 years and know that we had a really positive impact."

    Chris Davenport
    Professional Skier and Two Time World Extreme Skiing Champion
  • If this product becomes widely used, wе`ll have stratigraphy and snow pack information collected from all around the world. That's a very exciting prospect, to understand avalanche formation and drive avalanche forecasting with a better understanding."

    Jordy Hendrikx
    Director of the Snow Science Program at Montana State University
  • The Avanet platform is a real game-changer in the way that we are able to share information."

    Miles Smart
    UIAGM/IFMGA Mountain Guide & 2004 AMGA Guide of the Year
  • I think communities that share information are safer communities. In many places information exists in small groups, like silos. The Avanet platform blows the silo doors open and makes critical information accessible to everyone."

    Zahan Billimoria
    Professional Mountain Guide, Exum Mountain Guides
  • To have a tool that works quickly to gather information and share it easily - I think it’s really going to revolutionize how we can look at snowpack."

    Hilaree O’Neill
    Profesional Ski Mountaineer and The North Face Athlete
  • The Avatech SP1 is a great tool that's going to give us really interesting and detailed information about the snow in a user-friendly format. I can see this as being the new baseline for frontline snowpack information and a standard piece of your avalanche safety gear."

    Steve Banks
    Director of Mountain Guide Operations, Irwin Guides
  • This Avanet platform is a total game-changer for going into the mountains and coming home safe on a daily basis.”

    Jeremy Jones
    Professional Snowboarder, Founder of Protect Our Winters, Founder of Jones Snowboards