To our mountain community –

Two years ago, we were honored to present at the New Zealand Avalanche Conference, where we talked about our snow-focused crowdsourcing platform and shared the latest updates to our snow measurement technology. It was well-received and we were excited to see Avatech’s impact around the world.

On the last day of the conference, we sat down with several leaders from the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council, who were impressed with our snow platform, but pointed out that everyone in the outdoors could benefit from similar real-time, crowdsourced information. The MSC left us with one final thought: Information is not enough; it’s how you present the information that matters. This chat planted a seed in our minds for an expanded and enhanced outdoor platform. After two years of hard work, we are proud to announce it to the world.

Avatech is now Mountain Hub. This rebrand reflects a massive expansion of our product and vision: to build the best global network for sharing real-time information in the outdoors. Mountain Hub is about democratizing data sharing and making it easier to access the right information when you need it. Have you had a hard time finding up-to-date trail conditions, snowpack details or safety information? Have you happened upon a trail closure that messed up your plan? Have you been concerned about encountering dangerous wildlife or other hazards? Imagine a singular community where we can share and learn from each other. We live in a world of fragmented outdoor information and the Mountain Hub community is working together to change that.

Three years ago, we started Avatech out of MIT with a mission to build a safer winter mountain community. Our first platform was called Avanet – a crowdsourced network of winter mountain information. Within its first year, Avanet rapidly grew to over 12,000 users of largely snow-safety professionals, spanning 50 countries and 425 organizations. We saw 35,000 observations of avalanches hazards, snow conditions, weather and more. Similarly, Mountain Hub will provide a singular yet curated experience for anyone from the most elite mountain guides planning a first ascent to the casual weekend warrior curious to discover a new adventure throughout the four seasons.

The next chapter of Mountain Hub will be written by our collective outdoor community. As a community-based crowdsourced platform, it’s up to all of us to create a culture of contribution in the outdoors. We are rooted in values of shared knowledge, teamwork, passion and discovery. Mountain Hub enables us to give back to one another, to deepen our appreciation for these incredible places and to enjoy the outdoors more safely and responsibly.

So let’s get outside more often, share more often, and build a safer and more enjoyable outdoors together.


Brint & Jim, Mountain Hub Founders

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